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The Artist: "ARMELLE.M "
was born the 29th of January 1958, in La Comté,
a small village in the Pas de Calais ,region of France.

At the age of 14, she won second prize in a
French National Annual Art Competition.

At 17 she managed an art club in high school
where she painted for her first very successful show
with oils and drawings featuring portraits of children,
animals, and more.

At age 21, Armelle graduated from the
E.N.S.A.I.T. National Art School where she had studied
graphic art, decoration, textile design and tapestry.
Her creations and designs were printed and sold
in Europe and Canada while still a student.

At age 19 she held her second show in the museum
of St.Pol/Ternoise, while she was art student
with oils depicting the terrible suffering of children
living in Vietnam, Biafra, Sahel, etc.

after graduation, as a free student in the art school
of Tourcoing, France,
she studied sculpture, etching, and lithography
with Armand Debeve and Aurore Janon
and was successful in all art forms,
including watercolors.

Until she left France in 1982, was extremely productive.
Armelle taught art for three years in High schools
and Catholic school in France,
spent her free time developing her artistic skills,
and managed to hold annual art shows
with her imaginative and mystical watercolours.

She is a stimulating and inspiring person
now living in the Bahamas since 1983,
where she has been featured on television
and radio shows, and has numerous newspaper
and magazine articles written about her.

On June 20th 1988, Armelle gave birth to a baby girl,
named AURELIA .
Aurélia, was born in Freeport, BAHAMAS Clik ** to Visit *AURELIA'S PAGE ON MYSPACE.COM
Where she is still growing up with....her mother
AS ILLEGAL CITIZENS for the past 12years.
They are still both French Citizens.

Armelle continued her artwork and participated
in international exhibitions,
but mainly on The Bahama Islands.

Her artwork is decorating many walls of
elegant homes and exquisite hotels,
restaurants & spas all around the world.

Watercolor-LA SOURCE

Armelle Writes

I’m part of the Cosmos ---- dust in God’s Creation.
I believe many lives are my past
and I have practiced other forms of art
in other places, in other times.

In this life, I come to work with my hands
as musician,dancer , painter.
Painter is now...and colors for most of it
In the Bahamas,where the Wind landed me
God* has opened the way for me to paint on silk
- pure silk spun by silk worms;
part of God’s creation - for us to use in harmony
and respect with the laws of nature.

I read the sky, the ocean and observe the relationship
of all living things. I want to understand
life and creation.

I have no secrets, but I am a mystery.
I paint the pictures of my mind.
God’s creations are the source of my inspiration.

When I paint, my heart and spirit must be in
harmony, for only then can I give color and form
to my inner thoughts and create for God’s
rising in this world.

My life is of learning and doing, dedicated to help
this world progress in divine harmony
with the universal laws. I am humbly grateful
for all the support that I am receiving
from everyone who loves and appreciates
my artwork,as well as to everyone working
to harmonise with the Universe.

For the world to live on…


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